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Restaurant dramatic play

As you know, dramatic plays are common at school in the English subject and it can be both enormously rewarding and enjoyable for teachers as well as students.

Now, and starting earlier than never, we are going to do a restaurant dramatic play in 3rd level. I like to do this role play now because all of our children have been to restaurants and are familiar to them. Food is the main topic we are working, so I believe that the moment can’t be better.

Using plays in the language subject with young language learners can:

  • Improve their speaking skills.
  • Encourage creativity.
  • Involve the whole class in the same activity.
  • Give them the chance to act.
  • Help them experiment with the language.
  • Loose fear in front of the language.

Apart from that, and taking into account that our learners are young learners, we should bear in mind the following recommendations:

  • Use short dialogues.
  • Follow easy structures.
  • Work with already known vocabulary.
  • Introduce new words but not too much.
  • Let them use their imagination.

Now, let’s show the materials used, but first of all we must thanks their contribution to the following helpers. For the budgets I have download the files from http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/ a fantastic website with tons of freebies. In UK all schools use their resources to work at class. Another interesting webpage I have found is https://thekindergartenconnection.com/. On it, I have found the great menus and tickets to work with students. Here you have the materials prepared for the special ocassion. 😉

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

And finally, let me show you have what happened in the classroom, hope you really enjoy because we DID IT!!!!

El pase de diapositivas requiere JavaScript.

See you soon! And if you like the post, you know…give me a thumb up or red heart! 


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