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Chefs at school


Hello again and welcome back to school! 2018 is here so, here we go!!! We are fully back from Christmas holidays, and right now we are trying to create healthy desserts and have a tasteful afternoon at school…chefs are ready, so, do you join us?

The best part about getting in the kitchen with your kiddos is seeing how creative they can be with just two or three ingredients. Cooking is a fantastic way to get kids interested and even excited about food. They will have the opportunity to create their fantastic desserts while they reinforce their maths and readings skills in English as they follow recipes and measure ingredients. #allareadvantages

This time in year 6 we organize and store our favourite recipes (most of them are desserts) in a fantastic cookbook. Students are ready to wear aprons and hats, cutlery is set on the table, the ingredients are cheerful to become fantastic and wonderful desserts, so…let’s let our chefs surprise us with their creations.

Remember, that in the kitchen, it is important to review the rules, be with an adult, and enjoy while learning about food. Are  you ready? I guess I’m getting hungry… 😉

I leave you here the draft papers you must complete with the ingredients, equipments, steps to follow and serving suggestions. Remember to show me at school your papers so we can speak about it and discuss the recipe. Click on the image below and downoald the PDF archive to start working. At home you can complete as much recipes as you want and create a cookbook too.

I see you in the kitchens…I mean, at school chefs!