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Cooking show for kids!!!!

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Weeks ago, we created a cookbook, do you remember? Yes? Well, not only our students did such a fantastic and wonderful book full of tasty and delicious recipes…but also, they recorded themselves cooking their recipes!!!! Yes…we have the best chefs at schools! Didn’t you know it?

Some time ago, I read that in Montessori pedagogy, they say that food preparation and cooking are some of the most fantastic and practical activities our students can do. Because of that, I decided to organize a kind of cooking show at school.

To be honest with you, and with me, at the beginning, everything was a mess, but just at the beginning. To get a cooking show-recipe-food preparation can be tricky, but as I consider myself the kind of person that if I don’t discover things by me…I don’t believe your words…I made the best decision ever: do it!

I explained my idea to my kiddos and they immediately said YES TEACHER! Parents, your role was also important in my idea, without your help in the kitchens, nothing would be possible. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Well, if you are ready, then here you have some of the videos our Chefs recorded at home. They all did an incredible work. I’m so proud of all of you!

And without further delay…take a sit, and enjoy. Later you will prepare the ingredients…I’m sure you’ll do it.

I promise you to upload the rest of the videos…meanwhile, here you have an appetizer!

Food, Grammar, Projects, Recipes

Yummy recipes!

Do you want to see an exclusive advance of the bakery cookbook that I have prepared?

Pay attention to the pictures…this is just the beginning…

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Thanks for stopping today to have a look at the cookbook and the video posted below 😉

Stay tunned, soon you will have the cookbook on your hands and online.

See you tomorrow,





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I’m so excited to share and show you why we had so much fun at school last Friday!!! It was fantastic to see how our students had such a wonderful time tasting all the desserts they cooked at home together with their families. We had a funny – cheerful afternoon learning with our kiddos.

Soon I will upload the bakery cookbook we have prepared and some videos the children recorded cooking their favourite desserts.

Hope you get the most of this short but intense and amazing video! 😉

See you tomorrow!