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Merry Christmas

Christmas season is upon us and we all are getting into the holiday spirit! My students have the created the most adorable Christmas Cards to wish their family a very merry Christmas and with that they have bring too much joy and holiday cheer into my classroom.

Students in 3rd level have created fantastic Xmas cards with snowmen and baubles, in 4th level Christmas Crackers have done a wonderful job with their pop, pop, pop. In 5th level Santa has come to class and they have been so engaged thinking about how to decorate their trees before the Christmas break and finally in 6th level, we’ve been travelling around the world celebrating differences far and near. Kids have created a super interesting book where stamps, traditions, meals, maps and more make this book so special.

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It’s been tough time, but now it’s over. Rehearsals, festivals and parades are here so December ends.

I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you soon, I will be back posting in 2 weeks. Meanwhile…rest, enjoy and have fun!

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DIY Halloween crafts

Excited about Halloween? Sure we are!!

Have you realized that you and your children can do lots of scary halloween crafts at home? I’m a little bit crazy about halloween crafts for kids and right now, it’s the perfect time of the year to bring out all their terrifying ideas! What better time to make a bunch of Frankensteins, scary looking pumpkins, ghosts and bats?

Well, as you can guess, Halloween night is coming so our children would need a spooktacular Halloween bag to save all their sweets…so if you think the same and you are in need of a wonderful Halloween bag…pay attention to the following ideas, buy a paper bag or print out the template of the tiny bag and make them together with your kids at school or at home.

This is the first DIY craft done at school and This set is formed by

  • A jack-o-lantern ready to tell stories and a chilling bat
  • A little spooky ghost
  • A wicked Frankenstein and his wife
  • A good looking black cat and a spooky bat
  • A scary mummy

Ready? Let’s start crafting!!!

How to make the candy bags

What you need for the big candy bag:

  • A paper bag (you can buy them at stationary stores)
  • Pencil, crayons & markers.
  • Colour cardboards (red, black, white, green, orange).
  • Imagination (this is very very important).

What you need for the tiny candy paper bag:

  • The template with the marks to follow.
  • Crayons, markers & a pencil.
  • Some sweets to fill in the bag.
  • Imagination!!!

Once everything is done, this is the otherworldly result!!!!

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Happy Halloween!!!