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Christmas around the world

Can you believe it’s almost December?

Holidays are coming and I think this is such a magical month and time! Outside schools, lights, ornaments and carols are starting to appear all around saying us that winter holidays have finally arrived!

But, I haven’t finished my work at school with other topics and I’m thinking about the DIY activities I want to do at schools with my kiddos…I wish I could split myself in two to get it all done. Yes, I’ve realized that I’m feeling the Christmas countdown…

December is a very busy month. Finishing the term, rehearsing for the Christmas school theatre, preparing the Christmas cards…but don’t panic, we have time to do lots of activities.

I believe Christmas topic is a really fun unit for my students to learn about other countries celebrations and it’s because of that, we are going to study Christmas around the world at that time. #fantastic

I have created a unit full of different activities for them. The idea is to teach the students and to learn from them about other’s traditions, celebrations and more. Each child have a mission to complete and a country to discover. At the end of our search we will complete a fantastic booklet with all info and we will have travelled all around the world at Christmas season. Can you believe it? #cantwait

Do you want to come with us? Let’s start the travel…

Click on the image above to see the resource and you will discover how our journey starts! And if you grab the freebie, send me an email with ideas and suggestions and saying how you are going to use it, I’ll be happy to  see others works.

If you have prepared something special for Christmas, leave a comment and let us know! We’ll be glad to know about you and all you do.

Meanwhile, hope you have a wonderful end of week…c’mon! It’s almost Friday 😉

See you soon


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