Wh- Questions

How do I teach reading?

Wow! Difficult question, isn’t it? Let me tell you that I try to do my best with kiddos, but sometimes is still complicate for them to understand from the first sight, what the text wants to say. They look at me with very weird faces…#itsreal

I know lots of children have tricky problems when answering comprehension questions at the end of their reading…but let’s start from the beginning!!!

Wh- questions and the ability to answer them is important, not only at school but in everyday situations.

We must highlight the importance of Wh- words and their meaning. So first of all, we should know that they ask the reader for specific information and we can identify the words because they start with the letters W & H.

Let’s make a list with all of them:

  • What: asks for a thing
  • Where: asks for a place
  • Why: asks for a reason
  • When: asks for a moment
  • How (is also included): asks the way

I have created this super fantastic PDF to work with our children, because although there’s no magic fairy dust that help teachers every single hour…maybe this can assist! 😉

Some tips to work with the Wh flashcards or poster are the following:

  • Print it and stick it on the walls in your classrooms or in a big noticeboard.
  • Make a bundle with it and let students to play in a text.
  • Show them on the whiteboard and ask questions to kiddos.
  • Every day, work with a single poster and work with the chosen word.

But, don’t forget that the most important is:


Give them the chance to make an effort, end every time they answer correctly a question, let’s celebrate with them! They will be waiting for the next celebration and so excited trying to know what’s next! #chilrenalwayswantmore

Now, it’s time to you to start working it. Print the Wh questions PDF by clicking here or on the picture above.

Best wishes and have a nice week!